Old Stories about Hot Springs !

Check out these articles about Hot Springs: 

       0.   Lum and Abner of Pine Ridge, Radio Show

      1.   Most Famous Visitor

       2.   Timeline of Hot Springs

       3.   Hot Springs' Best Kept Civil War Secret

       4.   Hot Springs' Most Notorious Tourist

       5.   Night Club - Vapors - New Spirit

       6.   Cutter Morning Star School 

       7.   Babe Ruth - Spring camp

       8.   Essex Park Horse Racetrack 

       9.   Revival Comes to Sin City at the Opera House 

     10.  Hell's Half Acre in Spa City   

     11.  Mayberry Spring's Inn - Enjoy the story

     12.  Old Electric Mill north of Hot Springs

     13.   Hot Springs Vintage Roller Coaster around 1900's where you could roller skate, dance, or ride a bike in Whittington Park

     14.   The Real Fountain Lake, swimming pool, lake, picnic area and many natural drinking water springs.

     15.    President Herbert Hoover holding the key to Hot Springs

     16.    Bootlegging in Garland County

     17.    Miracle Water That Heals Chronic Constipation

     18.    Modern Day Sodom and Gomorrah

     19.    Evidence of Ghosts at Mayberry Inn

     20.    Indian Mountain

     21.    Legends at the Arlington Hotel

     22.    The Drink of Presidents  

     23.    Thousand Dripping Springs 

     24.    From Health Resort to Gambling Den to Religious Retreat  

     25.    The 140 Mile View  

     26.    Fourche Calsat 

     27.   Jesse James Hideout  

     28.    Goddard Hotel  

     29.   America's Largest Ostrich Farm 

     30.   Radioactive Water - Have a Drink.

      31.  Call me Madem - Maxine Coffee Shop - 2/28/04 

     32.  Vanished woman at the Malco theater

    33. Indians Claim Ownership of Hot Springs?  

    34.  The Ant and the Grasshopper - (Laugh Laugh)





Do these places still exist,  Rodney check them out and here is his report on the stories of Hot Springs.